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Solid internal control

1, Talent reserves The company has a strong and stable talent team, of which management team and core staff accounted for 25% of the workforce of more than 10 years, team stability and loyalty. Senior management personnel with many years of industry experience in the industry, with rich management experience and courage to assume responsibility. Efforts to nurture 80, 85 after a new generation of management and technical research and development staff, after 80 has reached more than 50%; at the same time the new ideas and new creations into the company's business development, the superb technology has been inherited, talent successors .

2, internal control system and management support

(1) A sound internal control system: The "3 + 2" management mechanism, ie the system of inventory management, financial system and human resources, is used for internal control management. (98 institutional processes, 340 forms)

(2) Scientific information platform ERP U8 system and OA platform to ensure the company's sales, production and inventory system of scientific operation.

(3) Standardized staff management: to have "anti-fraud system", "staff manual", assessment system, training system, qualification system, etc., in order to achieve unified and standardized management to ensure that the management is fair, just and open.

(4) Welfare System with Welfare Benefits Welfare system with five insurances and one payment, paid leave, high temperature care and birthday greetings will continuously improve employee satisfaction through humane employee care and cultural construction.

convenient transportation

Raw material advantages: located in Gongyi, Henan Province, the largest aluminum processing production base in China, it can quickly provide qualified raw materials. Compared with peers in other remote areas, it has inherent advantages in raw material procurement cost and production speed.

Finished product transportation advantages: the company is located in the Central Plains, complete logistics distribution facilities for the development of modern logistics industry in Zhengzhou laid the foundation. Zhengzhou is located at the intersection of the national transportation hub. It is an important comprehensive transportation hub of railway, highway and aviation. In the pattern of China's economic development, it plays an important role in connecting the East with the West and connecting the north and the south. Zhengzhou is one of the cities with the most complete logistics distribution conditions in China, with advanced infrastructure and large scale. The logistics channel radiating the central and western regions will promote the leapfrog development of Zhengzhou modern logistics industry. To a great extent, it can reduce the transportation cost of products and ensure the price competitiveness.

Efficient synergy

Integrating Anhui Huanghuang and Jingang Curtain Wall Co., Ltd., based on the building materials industry, carries out strategic development in the upper and lower reaches, which is of positive significance to the improvement of the industrial chain and the industrial transformation and upgrading. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Wall Huang New Materials, it will help to further expand the overall production capacity of Wall Huang New Materials to achieve the best economies of scale and minimize its operating costs. At the same time, the acquisition of Jin Kong Curtain Wall Company as a downstream channel is conducive to the further development of curtain wall system market, the company to achieve the extension of the industrial chain, more conducive to the company's product innovation and enhance the company's core competitiveness.

Multiple products

Diversified products to the main business, the main products are Caitu aluminum, Caitu steel, aluminum veneer, aluminum plate, insulation board, covered six major categories of products.

Powerful size

Is currently the largest domestic and Asian industries in the same, the full range, advanced technology, the strongest comprehensive strength Caitu science and technology enterprises, five high-grade coating production line, a three-color printing production line, two metal coating production lines and The supporting 10 slitting, cutting line; 3 aluminum veneer production line; 2 aluminum-plastic plate production line; 2 insulation board production line. Can produce 60,000 tons Caitu aluminum, Caitu steel 60,000 tons, 2 million square meters covered with veneer, aluminum veneer 2 million square meters, 1.2 million square meters of aluminum plate, insulation board 800,000 square meters.

Leading research and development
Together with Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of Technology and other famous institutes, the depth of strategic cooperation to build the industry's authoritative platform for research and development "Wall Huang Innovation Institute", the senior experts and R & D 25 color coating professionals, professional color center. Independent research and development of a number of core metal coating technology more than 30 new products, has won nearly 20 national patents
Excellent technology

After twenty years of development, the process system has been continuously improved, forming unique technical barriers in actual combat. There are corresponding "operating procedures" for each production process, and the key processes are cured and institutionalized control. Fully meet customer orders "diversified, customized" features. Relying on the mature color coating production technology, can meet customer demand for high-quality color coated products. In equipment reform have a larger annual investment, production equipment continue to improve, so that products continue to meet market demand. Joint production and technical departments for the project and technical problems, the project set up research teams, the process of product updates; and encountered equipment and technical problems from the material, equipment, technology comprehensive research.

Good quality

The substrate is made of aluminum plate, such as Southwest Aluminum, Chinalco Ruimin and other well-known aluminum suppliers in the country. The coating adopts internationally renowned coatings such as PPG from the United States and Beige from Sweden to ensure the excellent quality and timely supply of the products. In the production process, with superb technology, strict quality control, to meet the functional needs of diverse customer applications.